e.l.f. Eyes, lips, face

I always told the quality of soap, lotion, foundation and powder matter more than anything else you put on your face. If that is the case I found a great, inexpensive makeup line at Target yesterday for the rest of your makeup needs! I’m not a girly girl so I will apologize if I am late to the party with this.  e.l.f. Eyes, lips, face.  I didn’t pay more than $3 for anything I purchased and have played with it all with great success and ease of use.  The lip balm slides right on and gives your lips a great tingle while giving you SPF 15 protection.   The smudge brush and the pro eyeshadow brush made it super easy to blend the eyeshadow sticks (which I had never tried before). I have a tiny eyelid and “smoky” eyes have never felt possible for me.  I sure do have them today :-). Last but for sure not least is the cream eyeliner.. It comes in a little pod with a brush to apply. All I can say is OH MAN I will go back and buy the black and midnight blue as well. It felt decadent to put on and looks great.  Everything applies better than most expensive items I’ve ever purchased.  VERY happy with my purchase!  Elf the movie was great and I now love e.l.f. makeup.


2 thoughts on “e.l.f. Eyes, lips, face

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  2. parsimoniouspenny

    So glad I read this! I just uploaded a post on how the ELF online store has a huge 60% off everything with a promotion code and I’m looking around online to see what ELF products other bloggers are recommending, definitely putting the SPF lip balm on my list!


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